Hot weather can severely impact industrial workplaces like factories and warehouses. The higher the temperature of the workspace, the lower employee wellbeing and equipment performance is. Luckily, our EcoCoolers have been designed to provide cooling solutions to various businesses and locations, including different industries. Utilising evaporative cooling, the temperature is regulated and heat producing industrial processes continue to run efficiently and safely. Here are EcoCooling’s different types of industrial cooling systems.

Warehouse Cooling Systems

Warehouses succumb to high temperatures, especially where mezzanine floors are installed. Due to natural stratification where heat rises, the temperature can increase around 1°C per metre of the building height so the higher floors can end up being significantly warmer than ground levels.

Our warehouse cooling systems are used as part of a mechanical ventilation system for large buildings. Although you may think it’s more expensive to cool larger areas, using evaporative cooling and ventilation is the perfect solution, typically only 60% of the capital costs of air conditioning and 10% of the running costs. By only using 100% fresh air, they are an environmentally friendly solution and are 90% more efficient than traditional refrigerant-based cooling systems. A single unit can cover an area of 250sqm and utilising the same energy as a kettle.

Factory Cooling Systems

Factories are renowned for excessive energy consumption due to the use of heat-producing machinery. This ultimately leads to high operating expenses and a significant carbon footprint, which is why we supply energy efficient factory cooling systems.

Factory environments are usually huge, open spaces with high ceilings and using traditional air conditioning systems to cool them is also extremely costly and energy consuming. Our EcoCoolers work as part of a mechanical ventilation system to transport cool air across these rooms without the need of refrigerants, offering both a low-cost and eco-conscious option for keeping staff and equipment cool. Also, doors and windows can be left open with no loss of cooling efficiency!

Pharmaceutical Cooling Systems

Within the pharmaceutical industry, there are requirements for precise temperature control in order to maintain product stability. Pharmaceutical storage needs to be MHRA compliant, even during prolonged heat, and ventilation needs to be cost-efficient as well as reliable.

Evaporative cooling is an effective and compliant solution as it uses water evaporation to maintain stable temperature conditions, while EcoCooling’s advanced control systems can be used to control fluctuations and reducing thermal shock. Not only are our pharmaceutical cooling systems able to uphold the stringent standards set by the MHRA, but they are also cost-effective and can harmonise with pharmaceutical storage, transportation, and distribution demands.

Food Production Cooling Systems

Similar to the above, it’s also vital for food production to meet temperature guidelines for food storage and processing/packing facilities. In order to maintain the safety of the food products as well as the wellbeing of employees, these environments require reliable cooling systems.

Our food production cooling systems provide many benefits to this industry in addition to cheaper installation and running costs, even on the hottest days and without refrigerant technology. Our EcoCoolers have blanket or spot cooling options available to work around your specific needs and space. Evaporative cooling also adds humidity to the air which can be beneficial to bakeries, wine and chocolate producers, and more.

Laundry Cooling Systems

Laundry facilities naturally operate at higher temperatures due to the heat used during washing cycles and tumble drying. Combine this with high outside temperature and inadequate ventilation, the environment considerably impacts the laundry operations.

To enhance airflow and help heat accumulation, our laundry cooling systems provide a balanced ventilation scheme using 100% fresh air. Evaporative cooling ensures compliance with optimal operational conditions for a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning units. Safe, fresh and clean air cooling enables seamless operations no matter the weather!

Types of Industrial Cooling Systems from EcoCooling

EcoCooling is the UKs only dedicated specialised supplier of ventilation and evaporative cooling equipment. From warehouses to factories, food production to pharmaceuticals and laundrettes, our industrial cooling systems ensure your requirement for cooling is met in a comprehensive and economic manner.

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