Cost effective misting solutions for broiler houses.

Our poultry misting solutions are designed to provide cooling solutions in broiler sheds where a pad based evaporative cooling system is neither feasible or cost effective. In these scenarios misting systems can be used to manage shed temperatures and reduce the chance of overheating in sheds. Misting systems work by spraying water onto the incoming air, the water then evaporates, reducing the temperature of the air. Misting systems are designed to be used in shed with existing ventilation systems.

Fixed Misting Systems for Poultry Houses

System Flexibility

Adaptable nozzle placement means that systems can be arranged around broiler shed design, optimising the cooling effect and reducing water usage during cooling operation. Nozzles can also be easily blocked off if the internal requirement changes. System pumps can be moved between shed depending on requirement, or to be serviced when required.

Cost Effective Cooling

Our fixed systems are designed to cost less to install and operate than competitive products. All products are shipped from our UK warehouse and can be supplied on a short lead time. Our technical team is on hand to support you through your installation. They can advise on the the way the equipment is installed and suggest bespoke control setups to reduce water use and limit the amount of time you are in cooling mode.

Mobile Misting Systems for Poultry Houses

Rapid Deployment Solutions

Need a misting system quickly that you can deploy across a number of sheds? Our plug and play mobile misting systems can be palletised and have wheels attached, making them the ideal solution for farms where shed designs limit the feasibility of fixed systems. Shipped from our UK warehouse and available on short lead times, these can provide a quick response to rising temperatures.

Simple Design and Engineering

Mobile misting systems utilise evaporative cooling to reduce incoming temperatures, they can be placed inside the doors of shed with existing ventilation fans to reduce inlet temperatures into the shed. Multiple systems can be used within single shed, speak to our engineers for more information.

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