The EcoCooling Combined Heating and Cooling (ECHC) system uses EcoCooling evaporative coolers as part of an air handling solution, providing energy efficient cooling and heating to buildings.  The system is designed to manage both the oxygen levels and temperature of the room while minimising energy use, environmental impact and noise. This system complies with local regulations and can replace existing systems to reduce carbon footprint and help achieve energy reduction targets.

Gym & leisure cooling

Cooling and heating gym facilities

Gyms, like all buildings needed to be kept cool in hot weather, warm in cold weather and ventilated correctly to prevent the buildup of CO2. In normal conditions, building regulation guidelines state that there must be 10 litres per second of air per person entering the building. This equates to over 1000 litres per second in a gym which can cater for 100 people. At a required design temperature of 20°C inside when the outside temperature is 0°C, it takes 2kW of central heating to heat the air that is coming in, to get it to the correct temperature.

Ecocooling solution

Why use EcoCooling in Gyms?

The EcoCooling system minimises the heating energy by measuring the CO2 in the building at all times, bringing in the air only when the CO2 levels rise over 1000ppm. This avoids unnecessary heating. External air is heated using a radiator system at the point of entry inside the gym and this air is then recirculated to keep the chill off the building when there are only a few occupants. One of the main advantages is the fact fresh air is being used in the cooling system, reducing recirculation improves the internal air quality and reduces smells.

Evaporative cooling systems can save you as much as 90% on your cooling costs.

An EcoCooling system uses up to 90% less energy and runs at less than 10% in comparison to refrigerated air con.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improve productivity and wellness
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Cool with 100% fresh, clean air

We’ve already worked with…

Gym cooling solution

“The installation of evaporative cooling units within the Olympiad Leisure Centre gym is a superb example of improved energy efficient cooling; creating an energising environment for gym users to enjoy their fitness experience.
The results from this installation have not only proved hugely beneficial to staff and members by creating an environment which boosts motivation and productivity, but financially, it is expected to generate considerable energy savings.”