The CloudCooler Range is now installed in over 600 telecommunications facilities across the UK.


Keeping your kit the right type of cool

The majority of telecoms equipment has a very low ∆T when compared to traditional CPUs. This means that more air is required to cool the same volume of IT equipment.  In addition to this, the majority of traditional exchanges are laid out without containment, resulting in the mixing of cold and hot air which can put additional strain on the cooling system’s electricity usage. 

While traditionally cooled with fresh air and refrigeration, EcoCooling’s ECT CloudCooler is ideal for these facilities, eliminating the need for refrigerant based cooling and providing air below 25C all year round using adiabatic cooling instead.


Designed for telecoms equipment

The nature of telephone exchanges is that they are often in the middle of busy towns or in sub-optimal buildings. One of the main reasons our internal range was developed was to eliminate the need for an external plant and to have a single box approach to cooling, control and filtration. Our clients have found this simple to install and maintain.

The ECT CloudCooler range is made up of two models. The ECT 10800 and ECT 5400.  The ECT 10800 has a variety of configurations to ensure that air is delivered in the correct way to the equipment.  The ECT 5400 is designed for smaller rooms where access is trickier; it has been designed to fit through a single door.

Evaporative cooling systems can save you as much as 90% on your cooling costs.

EcoCooling eliminates the need for refrigerant based cooling and provide air below 25C all year round using adiabatic cooling.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improve productivity and wellness
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Cool with 100% fresh, clean air

We’ve already worked with…

warehouse cooling solution

“Celsius used EcoCooling units over other available evaporative coolers because they are more powerful, providing more cooling coverage per unit. They are also far more reliable than any other units on the market, which is vital in a regulated facility such as a pharmaceutical warehouse. Designed for the UK market and climate they were the obvious choice for the AMS warehouse installation.”