Poultry House Cooling Systems

Our evaporative cooling group systems provide some of the most advanced environmental control available for your shed while also optimising conditions year-round to improve welfare, and increase yield. Their modular design and pad-based cooling makes them the most effective system for cooling broiler sheds.

Our misting systems offer cost effective and flexible solutions which can be rapidly deployed and transported to wherever the requirement is greatest. They are designed to fit any type of shed and can provide peace of mind during hot summer months in buildings where a fixed evaporative cooling system is not feasible or inefficient.

broiler house cooling

Broiler house Evaporative cooling

Engineered by by experts in carbon reduction

We have over 20 years’ experience in developing award winning systems that reduce the energy usage. Our in-house R&D department design and test all products and are driven to maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Systems are bought directly from EcoCooling, a UK manufacturer while spares and stock are held in our Suffolk warehouse.

reducing cooling energy costs

Proven solutions to reduce costs for farmers

Our solutions have been tested and optimised in working broiler houses during some of the hottest days on record in the UK.

Extensive data collected over the last 2 summers show significant reductions in fatalities and higher yields for sheds using EcoCooling cooling equipment without significant increases in operational cost. While out heat recover units are shown to reduce gas consumption by at least 60%.

Evaporative cooling for broiler house

Effective Poultry cooling

Safe and simple installation

Our systems are designed to simplify installation. For the systems that aren’t plug and play, choose to use your own contractors and shed builders or utilise our network of approved installers. Our technical team work with you or your chosen contractors to determine the most effective and lowest cost solution for your requirements.

Our technical team can help you spec the best and most cost effective system for your poultry shed.

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