Cooling For Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

EcoCooling have developed modular, plug and play cooling units, designed with rapid deployment commercial strategies in mind, that can provide unparalleled cooling efficiency for mining facilities. They use direct fresh air cooling which is widely considered the most efficient way to cool a data centre using air.

A Fresh Air CloudCooling Solution in your crypto mining farm can reduce your cooling costs by up to 90%, comply with ASHRAE 9.9 and produce a PUE of under 1.1.

  • Low Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Remote Support
  • Supports Rapid Deployment
  • Low Energy Ventilation Based Cooling

An Affordable cooling solution

Fresh Air CloudCooler – The Go To Choice For Mining Farms

Using efficient EC fans and natural evaporative cooling, EcoCooling units contain no refrigerants and 99% of the power draw to the unit is used to drive the fans, meaning a PUE of 1.05 is achievable. The units are simple to install and maintain, meaning capital and operational costs are significantly lower than refrigeration or liquid cooling alternatives. When the weather is cold outside, ambient air mixed with hot recirculated air is used to cool the data centre.  In hot weather or low humidity environments, evaporative cooling can be used to reduce the ambient temperature to increase the humidity.

Cooling your cryptocurrency Mining farm

Cooling solutions for GPU and ASIC mining farms

EcoCooling’s experience in cooling large scale HPC and colocation data centres positions us as the ideal manufacturing partner for mining facilities looking to install fresh air cooling systems.  We work closely with end users to ensure their cooling systems are designed with both efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind. We have extensive experience in the design of facilities incorporating large airflows and can advise clients on the best layout for their miners and racking to ensure they get the lowest capital and operational “cost per kW” in their data centre.

We’ve already worked with…

Crypto Mining facility cooling

“Opening two large-scale Blockchain data centers in Iceland in a very short period of time, we had to call on a trustworthy partner with solid experience to support us in this challenge. We have been cooperating successfully with EcoCooling to provide our customers highly-efficient data centers.”