As well as full-service cryptocurrency mining, Blockbase include hardware sourcing, hosting and safe storage consultancy.

Their recent development in Sweden reflects the rapid deployment requirements of this sector.  The key costs of energy, hardware sourcing, uptime rate and maintenance costs with scalability are all managed by Blockbase in their new 30MW facility.

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  • Location Sweden

The Solution

The ECV CloudCooler® was selected for its low CAPEX, OPEX and simplicity of installation and operation together with maintaining the most reliable operating environment for miners.

The modular ECV units expolit the cool ambient temperatures in the region to provide free cooling to facilties by mixing cool external air with warm recirculated air. EcoCooling were able to provide operators with simple cooling solutions that proved easy to install, maintain and operate.

With the ability to withstand cold climates, the CloudCooler® products are an exciting and innovative cooling system for the many emerging and established data centres looking to capitalise on the green energy available in the Nordics. The new technology allows for direct free cooling, remote commissioning, automated temperature control for the plug and play unit which is ideal for rapid deployment into remote locations.

The CloudCooler® units provide a constant supply of filtered air at controlled temperatures.   Filtration plus the avoidance temperature fluctuations maximise the reliability of the miners and other IT equipment.  Utilising these key areas provide the perfect platform for maintaining the maximum availability of mining power.

The Result

EcoCooling has extensive experience in terms of cooling cryptocurrency miners as well as conventional IT facilities both in Arctic and temperate climates. Using fresh air ventilation systems, with or without adiabatic cooling, compliant conditions are maintained for ~40kW cooling energy per 1MW of installed miners.  This minimises both operating costs as well as the cost of the power infrastructure to support the cooling system.

“EcoCooling has worked extremely closely with Blockbase in the design of the new facility. This has enabled a system of building and fit out to be completed, from a green field site, in under 16 weeks. The EcoCooling CloudCooler® is central to the operation of this high-density facility and allows us to provide one of the lowest cost hosting facilities in the World. We see EcoCooling as key partners in our continuous expansion of both ASIC and GPU based cryptocurrency services.”

Vlado Stanic
CEO, Blockbase