Large out of town retail stores provide a unique challenge when it comes to cooling, as customer and staff comfort is paramount but due to the large spaces, refrigeration is often too expensive to install.

Designed for retail applications

Improve conditions within your store during hot weather

EcoCooling systems are a low cost and effective alternative to air conditioning that have been utilised by some of the UK’s largest retailers including Matalan, Go Outdoors, Marlows, TK Maxx and more.

By using evaporative cooling, not only can stores be kept under 25C even on the hottest days, a constant stream of fresh, filtered air is delivered to occupants on the shop floor.

A low cost and energy efficient solution

Save up to 90% of the operating cost and up to 50% of the capital spend

The solution is so cost effective because it combines ventilation and evaporative cooling, both of which require no mechanical refrigeration. So, on colder days, where additional cooling isn’t needed, you can take advantage of the system’s ventilation-only mode and significantly reduce costs. Then, on the days when evaporative cooling is required a standard unit costs less than 14p per hour to run, which is considerably less than an air conditioning alternative.

Evaporative cooling systems can save you as much as 90% on your cooling costs.

Evaporative cooling is ideal for cooling large spaces, and can effectively blanket cool whole buildings or spot cooling specific areas where heat builds up.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improve productivity and wellness
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Cool with 100% fresh, clean air

We’ve already worked with…

retail cooling solution

“Celsius Design installed all the EcoCooling systems during normal trading hours with no downtime or disruption to trading. The systems work very well and have vastly improved conditions in the stores for our customers and staff, hence the reason we have installed the second phase of systems.”