Gardiners is the UK’s leading distributor of global footwear and workwear brands to the retail trade. Since 1865, Gardiners has expertly distributed leading lifestyle and workwear brands to the retail trade worldwide.

With a requirement for more space, Gardiners recently made the move into brand new premises based in Gloucester. The new facility comprised of various mezzanine floors which would regularly overheat during the summer months due to a lack of ventilation. To overcome the overheating and create a more comfortable working environment for staff, Gardiners reached out for advice and to provide a suitable cooling solution for the new workspace.

  • Client
  • Location Gloucester, United Kingdom

The Solution

Evaporative cooling works as part of a balanced ventilation system, it offers an energy efficient and green alternative to refrigeration-based technologies.  Operating at less than 10% of the energy usage of a traditional refrigeration system, EcoCooling systems provide cost effective cooling for hundreds of factories and industrial buildings across the UK.

On the hottest day of 2022, EcoCooling systems were providing air of below 25C into factories, without the need for any refrigerant technology, making them the ideal solution for this application.  The system also operates as part of a balanced ventilation system, reducing the possibility of the transmission of airborne viruses, providing staff with a comfortable and safe working environment.

EcoCooling trusted installers, Celsius Design installed 12 large EcoCooling Evaporative Coolers which were ducted in between the various levels of the mezzanine floors. Each system provides over 50kW of cooling, creating a combined cooling capacity of over 600kW. The coolers were balanced with 12 EC extraction fans.

The Result

Large EcoCoolers provide 12,000m3/hr of air and are supplied with an inbuilt EC fan, providing unparalleled efficiency when utilised with the correct controls. Similar fan technology and control systems are used in data centre environments across Europe.

What is an EC fan?

EC Stands for Electrically Commutated, where AC and DC voltages are combined to provide the best of elements of both technologies. The motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. EC fans are capable of intelligent speed control – further reducing energy consumption.