Deploying fresh air technology solutions to your micro data centre.


Working with data centres using the latest higher density HPC equipment

This age of digital innovation requires new, more powerful types of server hardware, such as GPUs, ASICS and FPGAs. This new equipment has been designed to process data more efficiently and quicker, while also taking up far less space than traditional CPU equipment. These changes in size and power mean that we have to draw on a different set of engineering principles to achieve optimum efficiency while maintaining reliable environmental conditions. We are dealing with higher densities of equipment, which means we need much more air!

Low cost results in low complexity

Save money and cool efficiently

World class performance is often considered to be less 0.10USD per kW/hr total cost of ownership. This includes all facilities, staffing, energy, equipment depreciation etc. This simply cannot be achieved with conventional data centres, EcoCooling’s solutions can be deployed for a facility/capex cost of under 0.02USD/hr, this a major contribution to achieving world class performance.

Evaporative cooling systems can save you as much as 90% on your cooling costs.

Emerging technologies could result in a stratospheric growth in the need for processing. EcoCooling’s low cost and simple solutions are designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of infrastructure to support this new age of data processing.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improve productivity and wellness
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Cool with 100% fresh, clean air

We’ve already worked with…

Data centre cooling solution

“Hydro66 had a very clear vision of how we could bring a new model to colocation – one where the customer wins significantly on both cost and sustainability. We were fortunate to discover EcoCooling who were able to exceed our expectations. Not only in terms of pure efficiency of their equipment but more importantly their desire and capability to enhance their solutions to our specific use case.”