First Light Lamps Ltd is a major manufacturer of laser lamps and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) systems. Established in 2003, the company has rapidly grown and can produce over 1000 different lamp types for industrial and medical applications. Capable of supporting the largest manufacturers and distributors, the Cambridgeshire based company’s flexible and personal approach has been key to its growth and expansion.

First Light Lamps was growing so rapidly that the factory could not keep up with demand. To satisfy orders and reduce lead times, they needed to expand quickly. Limited by the size of the factory, the company’s best option was to build a mezzanine over its production floor.

The proposed 270m2 mezzanine floor would house 14 manufacturing points where an oxygen and hydrogen gas mixture would be used as part of the manufacturing process. To be viable,
the hot gasses produced would need to be effectively removed from the area via a robust extraction system.

The company was also concerned about keeping temperatures down, knowing that mezzanine floors are prone to overheating, even without the use of machinery. It was therefore vital that any ventilation solution included cooling that would keep temperatures down to a comfortable working

  • Client
  • Size 885 Sq Ft
  • Location Ely, Cambridgeshire

The Solution

In its search for a viable solution, First Light Lamps contacted Celsius Design, an experienced EcoCooling installer. The Celsius team visited the site to see what would be the best option for the manufacturer.

Following the site visit, it was clear that filtration and a fresh air supply were the fundamental components of the solution. An EcoCooling system consisting of 2 roof mounted EcoCoolers paired with extract fans was proposed. This solution would not only extract the gas but would provide fresh filtered air onto the mezzanine all year round and provide cooling in the summer months when required at no extra cost than a traditional ventilation system.

The installation was carried out as part of a wider expansion project in line with First Light Lamps timelines.

A year later, in 2019, First Light Lamps increased its manufacturing capacity further and called on Celsius to boost its ventilation and cooling capacity.

The modular, scalable design of the EcoCooling system meant an additional EcoCooler and extraction unit could easily be installed with minimal fuss and disruption. This addition ensured the system could keep up with the increased heat load generated by the expanded production area.

The second phase of work was undertaken during the factory’s Christmas shutdown within the desired timelines causing no disruption to the company.

The Result

First Light Lamps has a cooling and ventilation solution that is effective in providing its employees with a comfortable working environment that is free from manufacturing fumes.

The scalability of the EcoCooling system enables First Light Lamps to increase its cooling and ventilation in line with growing demand, allowing lead time targets to be met.

  • A supply of fresh, filtered air, ensuring a healthy working environment
  • Comfortable working conditions for employees even on the hottest days
  • A flexible, modular cooling system that scales with the company