AE Aerospace Ltd is a world-class supplier of precision machine components, serving a market that demands high quality and fast reaction times. Established in 1996, the company has a wealth of knowledge and is equipped to handle a wide range of projects.

The components manufacturer had been growing exponentially, with a sevenfold increase in sales over the last 5 years. This growth meant that AE Aerospace needed larger premises so it could increase its capacity to meet the growing global demand.

AE Aerospace had found a new 16,500 sq. ft factory, which was four times the capacity of its previous premises. The new site would enable the manufacturer to meet the demand, however, it didn’t have the right ventilation and cooling systems in place to cope with the heat that would be produced during the production process.

The component manufacturer was, therefore, seeking a solution for managing the temperature of its new factory so conditions would be comfortable for both workers and visitors to the site.

  • Client
  • Size 16,500 Sq Ft

The Solution

AE Aerospace had previously worked with Celsius Design, an approved EcoCooling installer, in its existing factory, where two EcoCooling units had been used to successfully cool the factory floor.

Impressed with the performance of the EcoCoolers, AE Aerospace wanted to look at cooling their new factory in the same way. To reduce waste and keep costs down, AE Aerospace wanted to recycle the coolers from their old site and move them to the new site alongside any additional units that were required.

Following a review of the new factory by the installer, two additional coolers were ordered to provide the additional cooling required for the larger facility.

The existing units were decommissioned, removed and reinstalled alongside the new EcoCoolers at the new site. All work was undertaken during normal working hours without any interruption to AE Aerospace’s advanced machining operations.

The Result

With the new site bringing many changes, it was important to AE Aerospace to have a cooling system in place that is trusted and knew was cost effective to run.

When the factory opened in the summer of 2019, employees continued to have comfortable, cool conditions in which to work and management were pleased to have been able to re-use the existing coolers in line with their sustainability commitments. A win-win situation for everyone.

  • An effective, low-energy cooling system for its new factory floor
  • A flexible, modular cooling system that scales with the company
  • Comfortable working conditions for employees even on the hottest days