When it comes to choosing an evaporative cooling manufacturer it can be a difficult decision as there are many brands of coolers on the market. Evaporative cooling solutions are a popular choice for many industrial and commercial cooling projects and UK based EcoCooling is one of the leading brands for these industrial cooling solutions.

Did you know that EcoCooling is the UKs only dedicated specialised supplier of ventilation and evaporative cooling equipment? This means you can always rely on us for alternatives to refrigerant-based cooling in the UK. Let’s take a closer look at what sets us apart from other evaporative cooling companies.

Benefits of a UK Evaporative Cooling Company

Specialist UK-Based Team

EcoCooling originates and still resides in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk with design teams, technical teams and logistics to support our UK-based installation network.

Our team have the capabilities to design, produce and test all of our UK cooling solutions before they head to site. We hold a number of patents for fresh air technologies and continually drive to incorporate energy efficient technologies into our product ranges.

Our commissioning team and remote support department are all on-hand to ensure systems are running effectively, so you have peace of mind with your evaporative cooler in the UK. Being based in the UK means our teams are easily accessible and deliver support and spare parts whenever you need it, as well as innovative top performance products.

UK-Based Warehouse Facility

With over 1,500sqm of warehouse and manufacturing space, we store a vast number of coolers, control systems and support ancillary equipment. From here, we are ready to respond to any project quickly, often with available next day delivery. So, if you ever need fast UK cooling solutions, EcoCooling can deliver.

Considered as a one-stop shop for your evaporative cooling needs, we provide cooling systems, ventilation systems, controls and commissioning. This means we can meet your requirements in a comprehensive and economic manner.

Years of Experience in the UK Climate

Founded by Alan Beresford in 2002, EcoCooling is a family-run evaporative cooling company with years of experience behind us and passed on throughout the team. This extensive knowledge has resulted in creating leading evaporative cooling products for the UK and beyond.

Our in-house design support services lean on this experience and work together with consultants, engineers and users to optimise installation. We are extremely familiar with the UK climate and understand what our clients want when it comes to cooling solutions.

Over the years, we have worked with a huge range of clients across different industries to deliver effective and lowest total cost solutions for them. From leading data centres to gym and leisure facilities to warehouses with industrial air cooler requirements, we have provided environmentally friendly, low-cost cooling solutions.

There are over 3,500 EcoCooler installations in the UK and worldwide. If you’re looking for a trusted UK evaporative cooling company, get in touch with us today.