Temperature and hygiene are of the utmost importance in the food and drink industry, for both the products and the employees. If temperature is unregulated, this impacts hygiene and compromises the product quality, as well as reduces worker satisfaction. Evaporative cooling provides a simple, safe and efficient way to cool your food production facility which ultimately brings many benefits to your work environment. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages.

Advantages of Evaporative Cooling for Food & Drink Industry

Increased Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for an effective cooling solution that is also efficient, then evaporative cooling is the answer. You can save 90% of energy compared to a traditional refrigeration system with a 35kW cooling load, even on the hottest days. This lowers your carbon emissions and limits the environmental impact of daily operations by removing the use of refrigerants.

Better Cost Efficiency

At EcoCooling, we offer a cost-effective cooling solution for food storage and processing facilities. Traditional cooling is an expensive method to cool larger spaces within this industry, so evaporative cooling provides an affordable option. Not only are the running costs cheaper than AC, but the installation costs are 50% less compared to AC too. So, by choosing evaporative cooling, the ROI is often much more attractive than the AC alternatives.

More Flexibility

Whether you need a specific area of your production cooled more than others or you require a cooling system for your entire space, fresh air cooling offers more flexibility. We provide blanket or spot cooling options to suit you, so both your processes and people are working in a comfortable temperature. Different sized units are available depending on the requirement, and these modular units can be installed in phases as and when they are required.

Improved Productivity

A comfortable working environment means more comfortable employees. This ultimately leads to improved productivity and happier staff. There is less heat stress, dry skin, respiratory illnesses, which means less problems for your staff and a safer workspace for operations to continue efficiently.

Added Humidity

Evaporative cooling adds humidity into the air without presenting any hygiene risks. This is especially beneficial to food manufacturing and storage environments such as bakeries, wine and chocolate producers, cereal manufacturers and more. For example, in bakeries, this small increase in humidity prevents dough and other ingredients from drying out. Also, due to the system constantly exhausts the air rather than recirculating it, there is less flour dust build-up settling on surfaces.

Evaporative Cooling for Food & Drink Industry from EcoCooling

At EcoCooling, we’re proud to supply the most energy efficient cooling system for large spaces that is safe and hygienic for the food and drink industry. Our balanced ventilation systems are hugely beneficial for storage and production facilities, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.