EcoCooling to Unveil latest innovations for Poultry Industry at Pig and Poultry World 2024

EcoCooling, a leading provider of innovative climate control solutions, is proud to announce its participation at the upcoming Pig and Poultry World 2024 exhibition, where it will showcase its latest advancements tailored specifically for the poultry industry. The event will take place at The NEC in Birmingham on the 15th and 16th May.

With a dedicated focus on the poultry sector this summer, EcoCooling is poised to revolutionise the way broiler houses cool and heat their flocks, while significantly reducing operational costs and carbon footprint for farmers. At the Pig and Poultry World event, EcoCooling will unveil a new range of products designed to not only lower production expenses but also enhance climate control systems within the industry.

EcoCooling’s team of experienced design engineers, renowned for their award-winning cooling and ventilation solutions across various sectors including factories and data centres, have redirected their expertise to address the challenges faced by the poultry industry. Recognising the mounting pressure on the UK farming supply chain and the escalating energy costs, EcoCooling saw an opportunity to introduce its latest innovations to transform poultry farming practices.

Over the past two years, EcoCooling has collaborated with key players in the poultry and animal welfare research sectors to develop a comprehensive suite of heat exchangers, cooling systems, and misting systems tailored specifically for broiler sheds. EcoCooling’s long term objective behind these innovations is to slash ongoing capital costs associated with poultry farming by 50%.

Among the solutions slated for release are:

  • Cost-effective cooling solutions capable of withstanding temperatures up to 40°C
  • Heat recovery systems proven to reduce gas usage by up to 50%, even in older broiler sheds, at 50% of the cost of existing systems.
  • Versatile mobile and fixed misting systems with adjustable nozzle placement which are effective for retrofit projects where pad based evaporative cooling systems are not feasible. Foxed systems are up to 50% cheaper than competitive systems on the market.

“EcoCooling is thrilled to debut our latest advancements at the Pig and Poultry World 2024 exhibition,” said Alan Beresford, Founder at EcoCooling. “Our mission is to empower poultry farmers with cost effective, well engineered products that not only optimise their operations but also contribute to sustainability efforts within the industry.”

Visit EcoCooling at Booth 12-402 during Pig and Poultry World 2024 to learn more about these game-changing innovations and witness firsthand how they are reshaping the future of poultry farming.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Emma Beresford
Marketing Director
01284 810586

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