We take a look at the partnership that’s underpinned the UK’s most efficient colocation facility over the last 15 years.

Who are Netwise?

Founded in 2009, with a genesis story stretching back further still, Netwise started life as a passion project by two school friends with a love for technology. Fast forward nearly 15 years and they are now one of the UK’s leading colocation service providers, with private facilities designed and built entirely in-house, delivering end-user content on a truly global scale.

What is the relationship between EcoCooling and Netwise?

Netwise built their own bespoke facility, London South in 2011. They contacted EcoCooling to discuss putting together a scheme for an energy efficient cooling system. They went with our standard ECP CREC units (evaporative cooling external boxes hooked up to a recirculation loop which can control temperature entering the facility) and the rest is history. The modular design allowed Netwise to add more cooling units as their operation grew. EcoCooling provided control updates and technical assistance as required ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective operation of their cooling system.

Scaling Up and Continuously Improving Efficiency

2016 arrived and Netwise’s London Central data centre opened. As their second fully featured build project, it quickly became one of the UK’s most applauded privately owned data centres. Netwise were so pleased with their existing system at London South they continued to utilise the ECP CRECs in their new facility, even moving some existing coolers across. The facility is cooled exclusively by EcoCooling systems (outdoor ECP units in pods of two with CREC control interface). Upon installation, Netwise were achieving PUEs of below 1.1 while the majority of data centre operators at the time were hovering around the 1.5-2 mark. Not only a boast from a carbon footprint and energy use perspective, but also important as with only a limited amount of power to site, reduced energy used for cooling allowed them to increase the computing capacity of their data centre.

As the two companies grew EcoCooling started working on their latest CloudCooler© model, an internal, single box approach to temperature and humidity control with inbuilt filtration and recirculation. The ECT10800 unit provides free cooling, evaporative cooling and filtration in one box, all with the latest in EC fan technology. It also requires no external plant, with everything safely installed inside the building, with an internal footprint no bigger than a pallet, a particularly attractive feature for some data centres where external space is limited or external security is a concern. This new design alongside the latest CREC control system provides the most advanced temperature and humidity control in any EcoCooling system, alongside unparalleled efficiency.

“We will continue to push focus on hyper-efficient technologies, opting again to deploy an evaporative system for primary cooling, enabling a design capacity PUE as low as 1.05 – one of the lowest for a colocation facility anywhere in the world”

Matt Seaton

So in 2020, when Netwise announced they were ready to open their third private data centre, Netwise London East (NLE), the obvious choice was the new 10800 units. Not only did they align with their views on sustainability, the new units looked pretty good on the build blog too. The new site interconnected with London Central, as well as primary points of presence across their growing metro network.

With 4 data halls ready to be filled, a modular cooling and infrastructure approach was required, building out as demand increased, the infrastructure design also needed flexibility to adapt to different types of clients and equipment. EcoCooling and Netwise set to work, laying out the most efficient way to scale up the space for different layouts, ensuring the right amount of cooling would be available but always ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Utilising the same modular approach as they did with London Central, Netwise have built out the first phase of the build as their client base grew. The core design allowed for the coolers to added when required and with the final few ECT10800s lined up to be installed we are all looking towards phase 2.

So what’s next?

As the requirement for IT services increases year on year, Netwise is perfectly placed to grow their existing operations and you never know, they might even add some more. Whatever the future holds, EcoCooling will be there to support, optimise and most importantly deliver any of their cooling requirements.

“We use 100% renewable energy, and our data centre services allow clients to enjoy the lowest possible carbon impact in the UK, with capacity PUE figures as low as 1.05.”

Matt Seaton

“It’s not often we get to work with a company that is as driven towards sustainability as Netwise are, their passion for reducing their carbon footprint is not just a marketing line, it drives their business decisions and put pressure on manufacturers like EcoCooling to continue to innovate and improve products for changing markets.”

Emma Beresford
Marketing Director, EcoCooling

Alan Beresford (Founder of EcoCooling), alongside Matthew Butt (MD Netwise) in front of the ECT10800n units operating at NLE

For more information on Netwise’s Build check out their build blog https://blog.netwise.co.uk/category/build-blog/