Blue Chip is opening a new data management centre in Bedfordshire which will provide a secondary location for customers to back up their business critical data, and complement the company’s existing Tier 4 design data centre in Bedford.

The new facility has a range of office recovery suites, so as to provide complete business continuity to Blue Chip’s customers, and offers diverse power with dual generators and UPS, resilient and diverse communications infrastructure, and multiple levels of security, as well as Blue Chip’s own system management and protection software.

Blue Chip has halved the total power requirement for the data centre by choosing “eco-friendly” adiabatic cooling and cold-aisle containment which provide efficient cooling and heat reduction. Adiabatic cooling was designed to reduce the cooling cost of a data centre by 95% compared with traditional CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units. It uses tempered air delivered through a 1.2m deep raised floor, at a constant pressure of 9 Pa and enters the enclosed cold aisles through floor grilles, each delivering 0.5m3 per second to cool 6kW of load. When the outside air temperature is below 16, 100% fresh air is used and the only power load is the fans.

Blue Chip’s investment in the data centre, which was formerly a disused building, confirms the company’s commitment to supporting the local economy and creating jobs in Bedford. The building was opened by Bedford’s Mayor, Dave Hodgson, at an event which included a question and answer session with Blue Chip’s apprentices.