Gobimed, based in St Neots, provide analytic laboratory space, warehousing and office space to the pharmaceutical industry. Gobimed’s warehouse has a capacity up to 3,000 pallets and our services are tailored to independent client requirements.

Some of these clients require warehousing to be cooled to MHRA compliant temperatures. Gobimed needed a solution which kept internal warehouse temperatures below 25C on hot days but were also conscious of their carbon footprint and energy usage when selecting a solution. A solution that could be futureproofed, with increasing global temperatures and UK summers getting hotter they wanted a system which could be added to or bolstered if required at a later date.

  • Client
  • Location St Neots, Cambridgeshire

The Solution

EcoCooling approved installer, Celsius Design were asked to provide a deign utilising EcoCooling evaporative coolers. Evaporative cooling is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for warehouse cooling.

The evaporating cooling process can guarantee inlet temperature of below 25C even on the hottest days in the UK. The modular cooling units can be used to either spot cool certain areas or blanket cool large spaces efficiently, making EcoCoolers the ideal solution for Gobimed’s cooling requirements.

Four standard down discharge small EcoCoolers were installed alongside the associated ventilation system, each producing 35kW of cooling. The design allowed for more coolers to be added at a later date depending on future requirements.

All installation was undertaken during working hours without any downtime ready for the summer and to combat those rising temperatures.

Gobimed can now welcome clients to an MHRA temperature compliant warehouse. Evaporative cooling utilises no refrigerants, and the only energy used is to drive the fans, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

“The EcoCooling system they installed hasn’t yet been put to any great test given the poor weather we have experienced throughout May. That said on the odd occasion when it has kicked in it has worked efficiently and met our expectations. It appears to be a highly efficient and cost-effective solution to providing warehouse cooling.”

Simon West