Advanced Medical Solutions Group is a world-leading independent developer and manufacturer of innovative wound care and surgical products.

AMS Group was outgrowing its facilities at its headquarters in Winsford, Cheshire due to ongoing company growth. As a result, AMS was building a new warehouse specifically for the storage of its pharmaceutical products.

A fundamental part of the build was the heating and cooling systems that would be installed. It was imperative that the company got this right as it needed to ensure the conditions within the warehouse met with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved standards.

MHRA guidelines stipulate that pharmaceutical products must be stored in a temperature zone of between 5C and 25C. AMS, therefore, required a solution that would be effective and was seeking an experienced company that could deliver the right solution.

  • Client
  • Location Winsford, Cheshire

The Solution

In its search for a suitable HVAC company, AMS Group found an approved and experienced EcoCooling installer. Having expertise in fitting systems for similar pharmaceutical facilities, EcoCooling and the installer had the knowledge to design and fit the solution required.

AMS Group was impressed with the proposal, which included evaporative coolers instead of a traditional refrigeration system. The EcoCooling units were ideal for the facility as they are designed to cool large spaces such as warehouses, effectively and efficiently.

To achieve the required conditions, seven wall-mounted cooling units were installed along with seven extraction fans.

Each system was controlled with its own timer and thermostats. Lower temperatures were set at night to make the most of free (ventilation only) cooling, making the whole system much more efficient to run.

Alongside the coolers, a temperature mapping system that used nine remote rack-mounted sensors and one external sensor were fitted. This meant temperatures were automatically logged and could be viewed via an online interface, giving AMS better control and visibility of the temperatures in its facility.

The Result

A cooling system that has ensured that AMS’s new warehouse is suitable for the storage of its pharmaceutical products. The temperature mapping has also equipped the team responsible for monitoring conditions with the necessary tools. This helps to ensure the facility stays within the required temperature zone in line with regulations.

  • Cost-efficient cooling that costs just 10% of refrigeration based air conditioning to operate
  • An environmentally friendly solution that uses zero refrigerants and supports sustainability targets
  • An effective cooling system that keeps the new facility below the maximum acceptable temperature
  • Ability to control and monitor temperatures with ease via the temperature mapping system

“Celsius used EcoCooling units over other available evaporative coolers because they are more powerful, providing more cooling coverage per unit. They are also far more reliable than any other units on the market, which is vital in a regulated facility such as a pharmaceutical warehouse. Designed for the UK market and climate they were the obvious choice for the AMS warehouse installation.”

Jim Jackson
Managing Director, Celsius Design