With more and more sites having to hit the pause button and temporarily close in recent weeks, we wanted to share some important tips for making sure your EcoCoolers are shut down correctly.

We understand there is a lot to remember when you’re temporarily closing a site so the below checklist is designed to help you out during this period.

These simple steps will also help you when you’re ready to get your coolers back up and running as it’s likely the warmer weather will finally be here, or won’t be far behind.

  1. Run your EcoCooler through a test routine.
  2. Thoroughly clean your EcoCooler with clean water.
  3. Isolate the water and take off the water inlet valve fixing kit cap. (This step is optional.)
  4. Leave the EcoCooler powered.  This allows rainwater to be drained out.

Getting you back up and running

When you are back and running again, don’t forget that our experienced installer network is on hand for any maintenance needs you have. Get in touch if you have any maintenance enquires and we’ll ensure you get the help you need.