Salix has recently announced a further round of interest-free funding for HEI’s in England, with applications being accepted until 27 October.

Last year, almost half of all HEIs in England worked with Salix on energy efficiency projects in the last financial year, resulting in the completion of projects utilising over £20m from Salix managed programmes.

The funding is available for over 120 energy-efficiency technologies including data centres and general cooling, Salix is able to support programs of work spanning multiple years.

Evaporative cooling is one of the many technologies available in the funding announcement and is a simple, safe and natural alternative to refrigeration which can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs.

EcoCooling managing director, Alan Beresford stated that the Salix funding announcement is an exciting and enticing opportunity for organisations to capitalise on the interest-free funding.

“We have a goal of saving one percent of the total energy bill for the entire U.K. and this announcement goes a long way to help us and other achieve that goal,” said Mr Beresford.

The various range of EcoCooling products provide the perfect solution under the evaporative cooling category supported in the Salix funding announcement.

For more information about applications, please follow the link below: