The heatwave is having devastating effects on productivity in this country. Many workplaces and workers are suffering from the effects of what is looking like being the hottest UK summer heatwave on record; affecting production and making working conditions unbearable.

As temperatures increase, workers have decreased energy, loss of concentration, muscle cramps, heat rash and in extreme cases, heat exhaustion. According to the ‘London School of Economics and Political Science’, current costs of heat stress to the British economy are already substantial and this trend will continue.  Traditional air conditioning increases emissions and is no longer a viable, long-term solution for companies and the environment in general.

EcoCooling utilise fresh air adiabatic/evaporative cooling; a natural and efficient method of reducing temperatures by evaporation of water. The effect is akin to a cool coastal breeze washing over you when you’re sitting on a sunny beach – because it works in exactly the same way. A clean and environmentally friendly solution with typically only 60% of the capital costs of air conditioning and 10% of the running costs. In the UK, supply temperatures off an evaporative cooling system are guaranteed to be under 24C, even on the very hottest days. Customers who make the switch from traditional air conditioning to evaporative cooling are overwhelmed with the financial, cooling and energy saving performance.

Large space such as warehouses, factories and assembly lines in particular need a different solution for cooling large spaces effectively.  The retail and leisure sectors reap the benefits of a controllable environment cooled with direct fresh air for their specific demands. Particularly in the case of sports centres and gyms where recirculated air from traditional air conditioning can be very problematic to the health of customers.

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EcoCooling provide the only evaporative cooler range designed specifically for the UK and European industrial and commercial market. Having been operational for over 15 years, we have more than 3500 installations in the UK, backed by several large warehouses in Bury St Edmunds, holding stock for all coolers as part of an extensive UK installer network ready to quote on a tailored solution.