EcoCooling, UK manufacturers of fresh air cooling and ventilation systems, will provide the equipment for staff and patient areas at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely. Fresh air EcoCoolers will be installed in the Welney Ward, the hospital’s community inpatient area, and Wicken staff office.

The Princess of Wales Hospital is a former RAF establishment that opened in 1940 and is a much loved community hospital. The health and care of patients is the hospital’s priority and it is committed to going the extra mile to ensure the safety of its visitors and staff.

In need of an alternative

The air conditioning in these areas was getting more and more inefficient and the hospital saw this as an opportunity to move away from air conditioning to an alternative cooling system. The key consideration for the new system was the cleanliness of the air, with the hospital seeking to move away from a traditional refrigerant solution that recirculated air and opt for a fresh air alternative.

Following an extensive search of the market, an EcoCooling system has been chosen as it meets all the operational and installation requirements of the hospital. Operationally it will provide the fresh air that will keep the bacteria on the wards down, whilst also providing cooling on the hottest days, ensuring comfortable conditions for patients, staff and visitors at all times. The system will also be more cost effective to run and substantially more energy efficient than the old air conditioning system, helping to cut costs and reduce the hospital’s carbon emissions, therefore supporting its targets.

A fresh air solution

The installation, which consists of two floor mounted EcoCoolers, will be carried out with minimal disruption to the running of the wards. The use of ground mounted coolers means there is no need for roof work, which helps to minimise construction works, with only access to water and electricity required.

Starting last week, the installation will take two weeks and will provide the hospital with an effective cooling solution as we enter the warmer summer months. The evaporative cooling system will supply the areas with fresh, clean air which should help the hospital in its bid to reduce bacteria in the air.

The hospital’s move to evaporative cooling reflects a wider global shift towards a growing demand and requirement for fresh, clean air in buildings.

If the current crisis has made your organisation think more about the importance of having a healthy air supply in your efforts to reduce bacteria and the spread of germs, get in touch today.