Mezzanine Floor Cooling by EcoCooling

High temperatures on mezzanine floors are a common problem in industrial buildings due to natural stratification-based effects (heat rising).  This effect adds around 1°C per meter of building height, meaning mezzanine floors temps can be significantly hotter than those at ground level. Additionally, most manufacturing facilities install their heat producing machinery at ground level, couple this with stratification and the results are often increased temperatures higher up in the buildings.

Unlike refrigeration, EcoCooling evaporative cooling systems work as part of a ventilation system, meaning they can spot cool mezzanine floors without any loss in effectiveness. Targeting areas where workers are operating provides comfortable conditions while reducing installation requirements and cost.  One EcoCooler covers an area of 250m2 and costs 14p per hour to run.

Fixed installations can be planned with no downtime to operations, while mobile coolers offer the perfect temporary solutions to the hottest days, making them the ideal solution for mezzanine floor cooling.

See our case study page for more info on mezzanine floor cooling, and our products page for more info n your installation options.

Specialised Canvas Case Study