Cryptocurrency Mining / Large Scale HPC

The EcoCooling CloudCooler Range uses direct fresh air cooling to achieve unparalled cooling efficiency in data centre and mining facilities.

CloudCooler ecocooling

Using efficient EC fans and natural evaporative cooling, EcoCooling units contain no refrigerants and 99% of the power draw to the unit is used to drive the fans, meaning a PUE of 1.05 is achievable.  The units are simple to install and maintain, meaning capital and operational costs are significantly lower than refrigeration or liquid cooling alternatives. Crucial elements in cryptocurrency miner cooling.

EcoCooling’s experience in cooling large scale HPC and colocation data centres positions us as the ideal manufacturing partner for mining facilities looking to install fresh air cooling systems.  We work closely with end users to ensure their cooling systems are designed with both efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind. We have extensive experience in the design of facilities incorporating large airflows and can advise clients on the best layout for their miners and racking to ensure they get the lowest capital and operational “cost per kW” in their data centre.

For every 1kW of mining compute power there is an associated operational and capital cost (e.g. power to the cooling system, ground rent, water use). Higher PUE (Power Utilisation Effectivness) and WUE (Water Utlisation Effectivness) metrics contribute to a higher cost per kW and therefore a more expensive facility.

Types and sizes of facilities

Over the last few years we have received an increasing number of enquiries for the cooling of cryptocurrency mining facilities and the miners that they house.  The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and miners are now buying up large facilities in remote locations to run their facilities. These remote locations include Northern Sweden and The Arctic Circle. In these locations, free cooling can be expolited the majority of the time and renewable, cheap power is available to run facilities.  We are also seeing an increase in smaller facilities based in the UK and other European countries, where operators are looking at building up facilities in warehousing or repurposed buildings.  As the requirements for mining are similar to that of HPC data centre cooling we have developed a modular cooling system which can be designed and installed simply to provide cool air to the miners.

What are cryptocurrency miners?

Cryptocurrency comes in many different forms, whether it be Bitcoin or Ethereum they all require compute power to generate or “mine” new currency.  There are two types of hardware which are usually associated with mining, GPU (Graphical Processing Units) servers and ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).  ASIC miners are single purpose and they are used to mine a certain type of currency, such as Bitcoin. GPU servers are more flexible, being software defined, and can be used for mining a number of currencies as well as rendering or standard HPC uses. The main difference between the two types of server from an airflow perspective is the processing density (kW per m2), which is fundamental when working out the number of coolers required for a facility.  When sizing a cooling system, whether for GPU servers or ASIC miners, the airflow required to service the heat load must be calculated.  This is determined by the air temperature rise between the intake and exhaust of the hardware, ΔT, and the heat rejection arrangements will, as ever, vary between different hardware types. An increase in temperature rise indicates an increase in heat carried away from the hardware by a fixed flow rate of air, which with fresh air cooling leads to less cooling plant.

Cooling Demand 1000 kW ΔT 12.0 C
Flow rate required 83.3 Kg/s 70m³/s

24 ECT10800 CloudCoolers required to provide 70m³/s to the miners

Cooling Demand 1000 kW ΔT 15.0 C
Flow rate required 66.7 Kg/s 56 m³/s

19 ECT10800 CloudCoolers required to provide 56m³/s to the miners

Cooling Demand 1000 kW ΔT 20.0 C
Flow rate required 50.0 Kg/s 42m³/s

14 ECT10800 CloudCoolers required to provide 42m³/s to the miners

If there is a larger ΔT this in turn means that less coolers are required per MW of compute power. Solutions must be carefully engineered to ensure the right amount of air reaches each server to avoid hotspots and failures in facilities.

Why do I want less coolers?

The simple answer is in order to reduce that important “cost per kW” we discussed earlier. By reducing the cooling requirement per MW your reduce the power usage of your facility and also the ground space required to house the coolers, meaning you can fit more miners into the facility!

Choosing the right cryptocurrency miner cooling

EcoCooling have developed modular, plug and play cooling units, designed with rapid deployment commercial strategies in mind, that can provide unparalleled cooling efficiency for mining facilities.  They use direct fresh air cooling which is widely considered the most efficient way to cool a data centre using air.  When the weather is cold outside, ambient air mixed with hot recirculated air is used to cool the data centre.  In hot weather or low humidity environements, evaporative cooling can be used to reduce the ambient temperature tor increase the humidity,

  • Our ECV CloudCooler is a our basic free cooling offering.  The ECV is is simple to install and maintain and has proven popular with mining facilities based in the Nordics, where ambient temperatures are very low and no supplementary cooling is required.
  • Our ECT CloudCooler contains an evaporative cooling and humidification loop. This has been used by facilities in central Europe and the UK who require supplementary cooling on the warmest days to avoid high supply temperatures.

EcoCooling’s inhouse design team can help you develop an installation scheme based on either GPU servers or ASIC miners in different configurations, depending on the business requirement at that time.  This means that the cooling system does not have to be changed if the client decides to repurpose their servers for different currencies or processing requirements (e.g. rendering/HPC).  For more details please contact us on

Advantages of the CloudCooler range:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Plug and play solution
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Remote support
  • Natural low energy ventilation based cooling
  • Supports rapid deployment

For a full range of cooling, racking, power and containerised mining solutions see the main CloudCooler site.