“We have used various generations of EcoCooling over the last 10 years with the ECT10800 series being our latest deployment at our new London East data centre facility. The last 48-hours have really put the systems to the test with a peak external temperature recorded of 38.4 degrees and a supply of 23.2 degrees. Amazingly, no refrigerant based backup was required despite the extreme weather conditions in London. We genuinely couldn’t be happier with how the systems performed.”

Matthew Butt, Managing Director, Netwise Hosting

“We are delighted that our PUE is less than 1.15 during the summer, achieving what we felt was a very ambitious programme of work with a targeted PUE of 1.2”

Peter Esson, Data Centre & Operations Manager Aberdeen University 

“The EcoCooling system is very effective while remaining efficient.  The system has addressed all of the overheating issues without the need for any downtime in production.  Staff are happy and cool and we are ready for the busy summer ahead.”

Sam Bramah, Director, Specialised Canvas

“The major benefit of this new ventilation is the improvement in the working environment for the operations team, due to the zonal control of ventilation and cooling. In addition, there will be a reduction in electricity consumption”.

Martin Waller, Head of Engineering & Quality – EMEA at Herman Miller

“Celsius installed all the EcoCooling systems during normal trading hours with no downtime or disruption to trading. The systems work very well and have vastly improved conditions in the stores for our customers and staff, hence the reason we have installed the second phase of systems”

Alistair Reid, Facilities, Energy and Environment Manager , GO Outdoors Ltd

“The system works terrifically well for our new London Central data centre. It’s cost effective, very easy to install, and now functions excellently not only as an incredibly effective cooling system, but also as a real-world exercise in the dramatic reduction of operational costs.”
Matthew Butt, Managing Director Netwise Hosting

“Hydro66 had a very clear vision on how we could bring a new model to colocation – one where the customer wins significantly on both cost and on sustainability. We were fortunate to discover EcoCooling who were able to exceed our expectations. Not only in terms of pure efficiency of their equipment, but more importantly their desire and capability to enhance their solutions to our specific use case.”
Alex Chiolo, Hydro66 Operations Director

“We are extremely happy with the performance of our EcoCoolers, the system consumes 87% less power than the previous DX system did and our data hall is now cooler than it ever was before. We were expecting to have to utilise the secondary system (DX) occasionally, but the EcoCooling system has performed very well and the secondary system has remained off.”
Mark Jacob, Talk Talk Facilities Manager

By using free cold air from outside and using it to cool our data centre we have saved money and the environment! Our PUE has improved from a inefficient 4 to a very competitive 1.08. Usually being environmentally responsible costs more but with EcoCooling’s advice we secured an interest free loan from The Carbon Trust meaning we could buy and run the EcoCooling system for 50% of our previous monthly electricity costs. It will be paid for in 2 years and then electricity savings rocket to 90%. Their Contractor worked closely with us to ensure there was minimal disruption to our data centre giving us the freedom to choose air delivery methods and the type of controls. S3 now have a system that delivers fantastic savings and is great for the environment too. I fail to see any downsides to the system – it pays to be green!”

Mark Smith -Technical Director, S3 

“The servers in our data centre require a secure supply of air at the correct temperature to maintain efficient and reliable operation. The EcoCooling evaporative cooling system should give 100% compliant conditions at less than 10% of the energy usage of a state of the art refrigeration based system. The site we are developing has a restriction on total power available. By significantly reducing the electricity demand for cooling this has enabled us to maximize the available power for productive use.”

Vic Henry – Technical Director Blue Chip

“We are hoping to build the most efficient data centre in Europe, possibly the world. Blue Chip is currently seen as IBM specialists however this data centre will accommodate the requirements of all modern equipment. We aim to provide the lowest carbon footprint operation at the highest level of service to both the collocation and managed services sectors. Our customers demand the very highest levels of reliability and redundancy. This means we provide two completely independent infrastructures including communications, power and cooling. The simplicity and modular design of the EcoCooling system complements this.”

Jim Nesbitt – Sales Director Blue Chip

“I am so impressed with the evap system. We had a demo of it working at full blast and you could not hear a thing. It is a beast of a machine in terms of the ducting pipes (which will be hidden in the ceiling void) but the actual box is not as cumbersome as I expected. I think its genius.”

Comment from Jo Dursley at Bristol Council

“Temperatures in parts of the store pre-cooling were getting up to over 40°C making temperatures in the menswear section in particular intolerable. Temperatures are now 23°C throughout the store making shopping and working conditions ideal.”

Matalan manager at Thurrock

“An eco-factory in Sri-Lanka uses half of the water of a normal factory and 25% less power as a result of energy efficient air conditioning technology

Sir Stuart Rose talking about savings made within M & S and in particular as a result of using Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling

“We estimated a £5,000/annum saving on the loan agreement and we are getting £6,200 / annum at 11p/unit, with the server room not operating anywhere near full capacity. As they install more server units the savings will grow…”

Bill Johnson of Warwickshire County Council

“The shop floor used to get up to  40°C  in the summer: now you can have windows and doors open and the temperature stays at 22°C inside. Its amazing: the hotter the temperature the more efficient the system is. It was cheaper than air conditioning by a factor of 4 to 1, with maintenance almost double that. Conventional AC would have cost about £80k but this was £22.5k. Installation was pretty easy too; we just had to work out where to position the extractor fans to get good air circulation”

Oke Anosike of Cellbond

The Simpson Suite now feels fresher and the previous odour problems have been banished due to the high air change rate that the EcoCooling system provides.  The old costly air conditioning is now no longer needed

High Wycombe Leisure Centre – Centre Manager

We required an environmentally friendly and low cost solution to the cooling of this area.  Clarks has a strong environmental ethos whilst still requiring commercially sound investments.  Evaporative cooling has only 15% of the carbon impact compared with conventional refrigeration based air conditioning and in addition EcoCoolers do not use potentially harmful refrigerants“.

Barry Mosley, Clarks Group facilities manager

We had 1 EcoCooler installed at end of 2006 to service 2 small units where prescription medicines are stored which deteriorate if the temperature goes above 25 degrees. We added  2 more units last year and we are very happy with the  product as it is a very good product for the price, achieves good results, and is not as bulky as an air handling system

Paul Gilmour, Scotchem Ltd

For many years we have had a problem with high temperatures in the Letter Sorting Hall at Envoy House during the warmer months of the year. Because of the large size of the hall and that there is constant traffic to the external loading bay, it has not been practicable or cost effective to fit a conventional air-conditioning system. Towards the end of last year we agreed that a solution had to be found that would provide an acceptable working environment and we asked AFM Ltd to investigate. They found a UK company, EcoCooling Ltd, that appeared to provide a solution to our problem that was economical and environmentally friendly. The company produces simple air cooling units that use evaporative heat exchanging to cool the incoming air. Surely the solution could not be that simple? A phone call later and AFM had arranged a visit to EcoCooling Ltd who demonstrated their product to us and had arranged visits to several large installations where we could see the product working and talk to the people involved. We were very impressed with the confidence and attention to detail that EcoCooling had in their product and also with the live demonstrations and positive feedback from their customers. On return from our visit we decided to purchase two units to trial in our Letter Sorting Hall. AFM Ltd provided a complete service including planning permission, installation and commissioning of the units. The units have now been running for two months and all of the feedback has been very positive. They have proved to be an effective solution and are now providing a comfortable working environment which is cost effective and environmentally friendly. We are now proceeding with the installation of another four units to provide full cooling for the sorting hall.

Richard Taylor, Facilities Manager, Guernsey Post Ltd