EcoCooling’s Internal range of FreeCoolers combine a ventilation and recirculation system, filtration and CREC® controls into a single box solution; this design significantly reduces installation costs. The units are not suitable for external use and these smaller options are predominantly used in small server room installations or office environments, usually with a backup refrigeration system.


The FC220 is part of EcoCooling’s internal FreeCooling range and uses outside air to cool equipment. The single box approach makes the unit easy to install and maintain, making it the ideal option for small projects. The FreeCooling range also includes an 18000m³/hr model for larger installations, such as data centres.

Characteristic/Feature Value/Detail
Power Supply 1~ 230V 50Hz 13A
Design Supply Flow Rate 2,200 m3/hr
Weight 43.0 kg
Dimensions (h x d x w)
Including Recirculation Filter
616 x 725 x 400 mm
666 x 725 x 400 mm
Design Power Usage:
Cooling Mode
Ventilation Mode



Recirculation Intake Size (d x w) 540 x 250 mm
Fresh Air Intake Size (h x w) 540 x 250 mm
Filtration EU4 or F7

Installation Requirements

  • 1~ 13A Power Supply
  • Fresh Air Intake
  • Pressure Release Vent or Extract Fan
  • Room Temperature Sensor

Modes of Operation:

Attemperation Mode: In automatic mode, the cold outside air is mixed with warm recirculated air (extracted from the building) to supply at a consistent temperature.

A/C Backup: The unit has the capacity to automatically activate back-up A/C when necessary.

Core Features

Attemperation/Recirculation Damper: The cooler uses an attemperation system to supply air at a constant temperature.  Hot air extracted from the room is mixed with outside air to maintain the desired supply temperature.  A pair of mixing dampers are modulated to alter the ratio of hot and cold air.

Fans: 2 x 220mm centrifugal fans mounted in semi-spiral enclosures.  Use of EC (Electrically Commutated) fans results in significantly more energy efficient operation than AC alternatives.

Filtration: G3 reverse flow pocket filters or an F7 high capacity filter.

Control System: Inbuilt CREC® control system.

Commissioning and Servicing

Although EcoCooling offers a commissioning service, the FC220 may be commissioned by a competent ventilation engineer.  It is recommended that the free cooler is serviced every 3 months. Standard EcoCooling components are used, which are available ex-stock.

Performance in IT and Data Centre Environments

Serviceable cooling load refers to is dependent on the following factors:

  • Temperature rise between supply and exhaust (ΔT in the table below)
  • Volumetric air flow rate (2,200m3/hr)
Temp Rise, ΔT 5°C 7.5°C 10°C 12.5°C 15°C
Serviceable cooling load (kW) 3.7 5.5 7.4 9.2 11.1

Energy Usage

FreeCooling units operate when the outside air temperature is cold enough to be used to cool the building, therefore eliminating the need for refrigeration during these periods.  The energy savings can be calculated by finding out the percentage of time per year that the unit can run.  The number of exploitable free cooling days is dependent on your location and supply temperature;  Cooler climates provide more free cooling potential. Higher supply temperatures increase the available number of free cooling days.

Location: London
Supply Temp: 18°C
% time in free cooling mode: 86%

Location: Manchester
Supply Temp: 18°C
% time in free cooling mode: 94%

Location: Aberdeen
Supply Temp: 18°C
% time in free cooling mode: 97%

Additional Information:

Technical information is available on the FC220 Data Sheet.

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