EcoCooling evaporative cooling systems - low cost leisure centre coolingEcoCooling is an energy efficient and cost effective alternative for refrigeration for leisure cooling employed by sites across the UK. One of the advantages of a direct evaporative cooling solution for gyms and leisure cooling is that it uses fresh air to cool the room, meaning, unlike refrigeration based alternatives, air is not recirculated and smells are exhausted out of the building quickly.

Suffolk One which opened in September 2010 is a landmark development providing modern and flexible teaching. The 20,200 m2 building, funded by the Learning and Skills Council, will accommodate 2,200 students from Ipswich and South Suffolk. EcoCooling, itself a Suffolk based company, were delighted to be able to assist in the cooling of the sports hall where an Environmentally friendly solution was demanded.

The design specification for the cooling of the sports hall had to be both environmentally friendly and quiet since not only is cooling required for the various sports activities but also for when the hall is used for examinations.

Evaporative cooling from EcoCooling at Ipswich Sixth Form College - Leisure Cooling

EcoCooling evaporative coolers were chosen because of their low energy usage and associated low carbon footprint, and also for their ability to be able to automatically control the air flow and hence temperature within the building. Noise is controlled via the use of roof mounted attenuation which allows the stringent N35 criteria to be met. This fresh air system also has health benefits since oxygen levels within the building are increased which has an immediate benefit for both athletes and for brain power during exams.

evaporative cooling in education

The design commissioned provides three EcoCooling evaporative coolers (EcoCoolers) and three large natural louvred vents with polycarbonate louvres. The coolers have sound attenuation both before and after the fan system to ensure noise compliance is met. The system uses 90% less power than a conventional system and will save the council several thousand tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.

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