Evaporative Cooling in the factories

Alcan Packaging, based in Dublin, is a specialist printer of laminates. Using gravure and flexo web printing processes the Irish factory produces packaging for the bakery, cereal, confectionery, dairy, ice cream and snack markets.The factory had an existing ventilation system but this was unable to maintain a comfortable working temperature.

Fourteen EcoCooling ECPSDU internal evaporative coolers were installed at various locations throughout the factory.

Each is individually controlled to give spot cooling to workstations both by the main printing presses and finishing areas. The coolers are suspended from the roof structure using simple Unistrut components.

All services run from above. The mains water is supplied via brominators to provide a low level of biocide in the circulating water.

Following a trial of a single unit, a complete factory proposal was designed using AutoCAD. The details of the proposed Evaporative cooling from ecocooling at Riverside Plasticscooler positions were then clearly and easily communicated to all interested parties.

The other use of internal evaporative coolers in the print industry is for humidification.

During the summer months, the relative humidity routinely drops below 30% in factories. In winter,

when the air is being heated, the humidity can drop below 20%. This can cause:

  • Static electricity problems with feeding and stacking
  • Wavy edges in stacks
  • Fit problems as paper dimensions changeevaporative cooling in the factory
  • Curl in laminated or multi-layer products
  • Fire hazard with sparks from static electricity
An internal evaporative cooler can be used to control the minimum level of humidity in a print factory by connection to a hygrostat which will then control the fan speed and water circulation to achieve a minimum set point.