Department Cooling the NHS Hospital

High Wycombe – NHS Physiotherapy Department

When the Physiotherapy Department at High Wycombe Leisure Centre was being refurbished, EcoCooling were approached to design and install an evaporative cooling system to maintain comfortable summertime conditions throughout the open plan area. A single EcoCooling evaporative cooler was installed onto a ducted system above the false ceiling and an extraction system was used to maintain a balanced fresh air ventilation system. The fresh chilled air is introduced into the area through 8 ceiling diffuser grills for department cooling.

Healthier Environment

As well as reducing summertime temperatures the fresh air system also minimises the production and spread of odours in the department area when compared to a standard air conditioning system, as air conditioning tends to recirculate the air, potentially spreading smells as well as bacteria and infection.Department Cooling


The system is controlled from a wall-mounted fully automatic control panel, containing a thermostat and humidistat to ensure comfortable conditions.

Running Costs

The running costs for the evaporative cooling system are expected to be less than 10% of the usual running costs for a comparable air conditioning system, with drastically reduced associated maintenance costs for department cooling.