About Olympiad Leisure Centre

Olympiad Leisure Centre in Chippenham is one of the largest leisure and activity centres in Wiltshire. The is a state-of-the-art facility and offers a gym, sports hall, swimming pool, classes, swim lessons, and much more. The centre is a Places Leisure managed facility, which is a leading leisure and wellness partner that works primarily work with Local Authorities to deliver fitness, sport, health and wellbeing.

The challenge

Gym members expect a comfortable space in which to exercise. It is therefore essential that the air-cooling system provides the right climate. This means that leisure centres inherently use more energy than most other operations to keep temperatures at a consistent level, which can be challenging and costly in the hot summer months.

Olympiad Leisure Centre was seeking an effective, cost-saving solution that would ensure a comfortable environment for gym users even on the hottest days of the year. It was also crucial for the new cooling system to be energy efficient, with pressures to be more environmentally friendly.

The solution

In its search for an alternative cooling solution, Olympiad Leisure Centre discovered EcoCooling’s evaporative coolers, which promised up to 90% energy saving compared to traditional air conditioning. The coolers would help achieve the centre’s energy and cost-saving targets and offered the additional benefits of fresh air cooling.

Fresh air cooling was particularly appealing to the Olympiad Leisure Centre team as it meant the air wouldn’t be recycled as it was with the previous system. Instead, the EcoCoolers would provide the facility with fresh outside air, whilst eliminating any odours through an exhaust, making it a more pleasant environment.

SMARTech energy, a trusted EcoCooling installer, worked closely with the leisure centre team to design and install the required coolers to ensure an effective cooling provision. When it came to the installation, SMARTech managed the project meticulously to ensure that the gym remained operational throughout.

The result

The EcoCooling system has provided an effective cooling solution that has created a pleasant, energising environment for gym users. Olympiad Leisure has also saved costs and significantly cut its carbon emissions compared to traditional air conditioning systems, resulting in more efficient site.

So even on the hottest days of the year, Olympiad Leisure Centre visitors can enjoy a comfortable temperature in which to exercise.

Business benefit

Business benefit 1 A pleasant, cool and odour free environment for gym users
Business benefit 2 Increased fresh air within the facility with higher energising oxygen levels
Business benefit 3 Energy savings, making the facility more environmentally friendly and cost effective


“The installation of evaporative cooling units within the Olympiad Leisure Centre gym is a superb example of improved energy efficient cooling; creating an energising environment for gym users to enjoy their fitness experience.
The results from this installation have not only proved hugely beneficial to staff and members by creating an environment which boosts motivation and productivity, but financially, it is expected to generate considerable energy savings.”

Stuart Pearce
Managing Director, SMARTech energy

Download your copy of the Olympiad Leisure Centre case study here.