Creative Displays design and manufacture displays utilising a variety of materials including plastic, metal, wood and laminate, ensuring that from initial prototype right through to final production, the desired specification and the highest quality of finish are achieved and maintained.

The UK based company located in Thetford, Norfolk, their offices are based on an upper floor adjacent to the manufacturing area. The powder coating process in the building generates a large heat load in the summer months which gathers in the apex of the building. The offices were recording temperatures in excess of 40C which resulted in very uncomfortable working conditions.

A cooling solution was required to reduce the temperature and create a more stable and comfortable working environment.

The resulting solution was to use a single EcoCooler to supply cooled air to the ceiling void above the offices. The office has a floor area of approximately 400m2. The EcoCooler provides 12 air changes per hour at a maximum flow rate. At peak temperatures of 30C, the air temperature supplied from the EcoCooling unit is less than 23C.

The ceiling void acts as a plenum chamber so no ductwork is required in the roof space. The air is extracted through open windows, avoiding the cost and complexity of controls to prevent the cooler running against a dead end.

All EcoCoolers are commissioned with a 2-speed wall control is supplied as standard with the evaporative cooler, this is connected to a thermostat to give automatic control. There is also a facility to connect to a timer, humidistat and fire alarm contact. An internal relay is also available to drive an external fan. The controller provides an integrated commissioning and maintenance cleaning sequence which provides a fault alarm code.

Using this simple system, the cooled air is fed into the office room though diffusers which replace the existing ceiling tiles. Because no ductwork is used this allows very simple changes to the air distribution pattern in the room by moving the diffusers.  The running cost of this system is approximately 10p per hour and provides a maximum cooling effect of 35KW on the hottest day in Thetford.

At EcoCooling our mission is to save the UK 1% on its total energy bill.