EcoCooling were contacted by Butchers Petcare, the premium Petfood manufacturers, to help with an overheating problem. Temperatures of over 40C were being recorded in their main manufacturing plant causing problems for both the workforce and the product.

An existing fresh air system with extraction was already being used along with fume scrubbing technology to eliminate food odours but these did little to cool the area on hot summer’s days.

To reduce the temperatures 6 EcoCooling evaporative cooling units were installed to provide fresh cool air into the main areas where people were working.

The roof mounted EcoCoolers duct cooled air down a distance of 20m through the open ceiling void above the main production area, to provide cooled air exactly where it is needed. The hot air is then extracted out of the building, through the extraction system at the top of the building.

The internal environment is monitored continuously by the EcoCooling Control system which automatically alters the fan speed of the coolers to provide compliant conditions within the building. The supply air temperature in the UK will never go above 22C even on the very hottest days. The control systems link into the existing BMS system.

The system is simple, safe and low maintenance, has no refrigerants and requires only 70 amps of power and a mains water supply.

The factory management team sought an energy efficient solution which could provide comfort cooling for personnel without creating any risk to the quality of the engineering components being produced.

Butchers Pet Food plant cooled by Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling