About EE Glass

EE Glass is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, insulated glass products. Based in Portsmouth, the company is an independent, family-owned business that is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of product quality and service to its customers. Established in 1995, EE Glass serves the south coast of England and pride themselves on having a high-quality product and service. The company is also committed to ensuring that its products are made in the most environmentally friendly way.

The challenge

It’s Portsmouth production facility is home to a lot of hot equipment including large ovens. As a result, the temperature on the shop floor regularly exceeded 45°C during the summer months and can reach 50°C on the mezzanine level. Temperatures of this magnitude would create uncomfortable working conditions for the team, which had an inevitable effect on their productivity, with extra breaks required to keep them cool and hydrated.

EE Glass was looking for a cooling solution that would effectively reduce the temperature in the large open shop floor. The system also needed to be environmentally friendly in line with the company’s green credentials as well as cost effective to install and run.

The solution

EE Glass approached one of EcoCooling’s approved installers to design a suitable cooling system for the factory using the evaporative cooling range. The installer, Celsius, knew that the EcoCooler’s could provide the ideal solution for the factory and presented a viable solution for keeping the shop floor cool.

Presented with a solution proven to provide similar premises with cool, fresh air, under 25°C all year round at just 10% of the power EE Glass was impressed. The use of water to cool the air rather than refrigerants also appealed to EE Glass as it significantly reduced the environmental impact of the system.

The installation involved three large roof-mounted powered extraction units that would remove the heat from all levels of the factory and shop floor. This was to ensure that both hot spots were cooled evenly and were delivered the correct amount of fresh, cool air. Each extraction unit that was installed was capable of removing hot air at a rate of 25,920m3/hr. This meant cool air could then be introduced via four small EcoCooling evaporative coolers at a rate of 11,160m3/hr per unit.

The result

EE Glass was impressed with the installation EcoCooling system as not only did it vastly improve the working conditions for employees but the installation itself was seamless and didn’t cause any downtime in the factory. As a whole, the system can provide the factory with 160kW of cooling to the shop floor whilst drawing less than 9kW of power when running at full load, enabling huge energy saving.

Business benefit

Business benefit 1 A much-improved working environment for employees
Business benefit 2 Increased productivity especially during the warm summer months
Business benefit 3 Cost savings due to a much lower energy consumption


“The installation providers did a wonderful job, their engineers worked around us, there was no downtime and the EcoCooling system is keeping all the staff very happy, it is such a great improvement.”

Michael Croucher
Managing Director, EE Glass

Download your copy of the EE Glass case study here.