Davenport Vineyards, based in East Sussex, produce some of the UK’s finest organic wines. The company dates back to 1991 when Will Davenport planted 5 acres of vines at Horsmonden in Kent. 26 years later the vineyards now make up 24 acres, grown on 5 parcels of land, 9 grape varieties and a multitude of soil types and micro-climates.


10 years ago, Will turned to evaporative cooling specialists EcoCooling to seek advice on whether their cooling equipment could keep the temperature in their winery bottle store below 24 degrees Celsius, even on very hot summer days. With the EcoCooler and evaporative cooling technology in place, internal temperatures at Davenport Vineyards have stayed constant at around 20 degrees Celsius, even through the summer heatwave of 2018.


Storage plays a crucial part in the production of sparkling wine. It is stored in bottles for up to 5 years so that the wine can mature. Without cooling, the store would frequently reach temperatures of between 25 and 35 degrees in the summer.  It is very important that the wine avoids temperature fluctuations. As with so many other temperature critical applications, EcoCooling found the most efficient solution to meet client needs.


davenport wine boxing.


Alternative methods of cooling at constant temperatures would be comparatively extremely expensive from both a capital and operational energy use point of view.  The natural evaporative cooling effect requires no refrigeration, compressors or mechanical cooling, making it both a cost effective and green solution. With Davenport Vineyards recently negotiating a monthly rent for a new winery building that included electricity usage, conventional air conditioning would have meant additional expenses with a meter and charges per kW used.


This new building is un-insulated and has proved uncomfortably warm for working.  Having been impressed by the “excellent back-up and advice” from EcoCooling as well as how simple the cooler was to maintain and operate, Will Davenport has decided that an EcoCooler is the solution again.


“My first point of call was to look at the EcoCooling range for a solution. So, we are installing a second machine for this new building. The advice and customer service from EcoCooling has been excellent.”

Will Davenport – Davenport Vineyards


The new unit is an external, side discharge EcoCooler; mounted 2 metres above ground level that will be directly ducted into their space.  This reduces ductwork costs and will help prevent debris fouling the system making it even easier to maintain.

EcoCooler small
External EcoCooler – small


Simplicity has always been a core value at EcoCooling, from the process of evaporative cooling itself to the ease of maintenance and installation.  Davenport Vineyards have first-hand experience of this and have installed the new cooler themselves with complimentary guidance from EcoCooling – help in sourcing ducting, learning about how to site the machine and how to mount it.


“As tenants, Davenport Vineyards were keen to avoid changes to the fabric of the building – thanks to the diverse configurations of evaporative cooler we offer it took only a few photos of the site to plan a system requiring no permanent changes to the building”

Matt Käufeler, Proposals Engineer, EcoCooling


davenport ecocooling

Davenport Vineyards 

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