Green data centres – EcoCooling’s internal and external fresh air, direct evaporative cooling products have been developed alongside an advanced control system to be incorporated into green data centre cooling solutions, helping the public sector save money on their data centre cooling.

Both councils in this case study have public sector initiatives and limitations on the amount of energy they can use in their facilities. With over 500 IT installations, EcoCooling has provided the cooling for some of the most efficient green data centre solutions in the UK. Leicester City Council and Aberdeen University are just two of the organisations who have capitalised on the energy savings achievable with direct evaporative cooling:

CREC installation with filter walls and EC fansABERDEEN DC IS SET TO DELIVER 100K OF SAVINGS IN FIRST YEAR

  • Shared Services
  • Targeted PUE: 1.2
  • No external space
  • 150kW I.T Load
  • Redundancy (N+1)

As part of a joint venture between the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen College, Robert Gordon University and Banff and Buchan College it was agreed to create a “Shared Services” data centre facility to replace the existing facility. External ECP WetBox units were deployed in a plant room next to the data centre. The units were double stacked to conserve space and the EcoCooling CREC control system automatically adjusted fan speeds to achieve the most efficient running possible.The previous facility was

The previous facility was running at a PUE of 2.6. The facility is now reported to running with a PUE of 1.15 during the summer months. The whole facility is predicted to deliver energy savings in excess of £100K per annum. It is estimated the once the solution has been deployed it will deliver savings in excess of £500,000 over the next 5 years when compared to the previously installed DX (direct expansion) system.

Aberdeen University ECP EcoCooling WetBoxes in a plant room - Data Centre CoolingLEICESTER COUNTY COUNCIL ACHIEVE PUE OF 1.1

  • Shared services
  • Targeted PUE < 1.1
  • Limited floor space
  • 250kW I.T Load
  • Redundancy (N+1)

In 2014 LCC were tasked with moving their legacy data centre to an old training centre identified within the city boundary. Energy efficiency was central to the new green data centre requirements. Not only was a PUE of below 1.1 demanded, but also the implementation of renewable energy technology and the utilisation of waste heat. The low power requirements and flexibility of the proposed EcoCooling system meant it could easily be retrofitted to the new building and achieve operational energy savings of up to 90% less than the refrigeration based alternatives. An additional advantage was the units and fans can be powered using a photovoltaic system, increasing efficiency further.

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