The Esselte factory in Bornem in the Netherlands produces a range of products including the DYMO labelling systems.

In the main print area the temperature was so high it was only possible to work night shifts. In the finishing areas, in addition to the discomfort felt by the operators, high temperatures were causing the plastic tapes to break more easily resulting in machine stoppages.

The installation of EcoCoolers has meant that day shifts can now be operated in the print area and the problems associated with the finishing areas have been largely eliminated since the temperature has been reduced to a comfortable 25°C.

A total of 15 down discharge EcoCoolers were fitted to the roof by replacing existing roof lights.

A perforated metal duct system was used in the print area to distribute the air. This provided a draught free method of providing cool air without disrupting the print process.

Eight-way plenums were used to distribute air to the less sensitive manufacturing areas.

To minimise the number of roof penetrations the services were passed through the duct. Water, electricity and the control cables were routed through glands to provide a weatherproof installation.

Cooling Esselte was essential for the production of their products, with workforce having to work through the night it was affecting the productivity.

Cooling Esselte

Evaporative Cooling in the plastic printing industryEvaporative Cooling in the plastic printing industry