Oxted School was established in 1929 as Surrey’s first mixed Grammar School. It is one of the country’s largest Comprehensive Schools with a reputation for excellence, both locally and nationally. It provides high quality comprehensive secondary education for over 2,000 students aged 11-18, 400 of whom are in the Sixth Form.

The Information Technology block of classrooms required a solution which could both cool the classrooms and have a positive benefit on the rest of the building.

Three top discharge coolers have been wall mounted adjacent and below the first storey classrooms.Evaporative Cooling in the IT Classroom

Air is ducted upwards and then split into two branches which deliver the air to two separate classrooms.

The air flow and cooling can be controlled manually or automatically using a combined thermostat/humidistat which sets the fan speed and cooling mode according to the temperature set point.

 evaporative cooling in the IT classroom

It can be seen from the above performance chart that in Surrey the air temperature from an evaporative cooler rarely exceeds 200C making it an ideal solution for this type of application.