Compass Plus drastically reduce their PUE at Nottingham Data Centre

Leveraging over 50 years of experience in the development of leading technologies for building large-scale automated systems, amongst which more than 25 are in electronic payments. Compass Plus provides high-tech, business-oriented, unique applications amalgamated into a comprehensive product suite for financial institutions, including retail banks and payment processors across the globe.

Compass Plus required expansion in their Nottingham based Data centre, the company approached an EcoCooling approved installer with the ideal requirement of installing a low carbon evaporative cooling system.

Evaporative cooling is a simple, safe and natural alternative to refrigeration which can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs.

The EcoCooling system was implemented to help reduce their carbon footprint as well as reduce cooling and energy costs throughout the building.

The Data centre will have a likely load of approximately 75KW, the EcoCooling evaporative cooling system used will draw less than 5KW to fully cool the area, resulting in a drastic reduction of carbon emissions and cooling costs.

The system consists of 3 no. EcoCooling units and 3 no. extraction fans, this allows for N+1 resilience.  The system also benefits from an atemperation system, in attemperation mode, cold supply air is mixed with warm recirculated air via a damper on the top of the unit, this allows closer control of temperatures for IT environments.

The installers also added a cold aisle containment system to ensure maximum performance and efficiency from the system. It is anticipated that Compass Plus will save over 120 tonnes of carbon per annum by using EcoCooling products as opposed to using traditional refrigeration-based air conditioning.


At EcoCooling our mission is to save the country 1% on its total energy bill. That’s equivalent to shutting down a power station!