CARBOGEN AMCIS AG is a leading service provider, offering a portfolio of drug development and commercialisation services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries at all stages of drug development. The pharmaceutical company provides integrated services for Drug Substances (DS) and Drug Products (DP) provide innovative solutions to support timely and safe drug development.

The challenge

The CARBOGEN AMCIS AG site in Manchester is an impressive development and manufacturing facility. As a large-capacity production site, it home to some complex equipment and hazardous substances that require a closely controlled environment. The heat and fumes produced as part of the development and manufacturing make it an explosive atmosphere, meaning it is a higher risk site. CARBOGEN AMCIS AG, therefore, needed an effective and reliable air extraction system for these areas. Replacement filtered air was also needed to slightly pressurise the area to maintain the high hygiene standards required in the pharmaceutical industry.

CARBOGEN AMCIS AG was looking for a system that would meet the cooling and ventilation requirements of the facility that was also ATEX rated so that it was safe to operate in such a sensitive environment.

The solution

Knowing that EcoCooling’s external range of evaporative coolers had been used by several pharmaceutical companies across Europe, CARBOGEN AMCIS AG got in touch to see if it could provide a solution. After finding out the specific requirements for the facility, EcoCooling proposed a compliant, efficient system that was also cost effective.

Alongside one of its trusted installers, Celsius Design, EcoCooling was able to implement an ATEX rated cooling system at CARBOGEN AMCIS AG’s Manchester site. To achieve this several small EcoCooler top-flow, wall mounted units with steam heater batteries were installed that would provide up to 111603/hr of fresh air each.

ATEX fans and an external G4 grade filtration system was also fitted as part of the design. EcoCooling’s wrap around filters were chosen as they are easy to replace and maintain and also provide G4 filtration on all external air coming through the coolers. A steam heating system was used to temper the incoming air during the cooler winter months rather than an attemperation system to regulate the temperature all year round.

The result

An efficient, cost-effective ATEX rated cooling and extraction system that provides a consistent supply temperature all year round. The reliability of the solution means that the explosive atmosphere is managed effectively, with peace of mind for the site managers.

Business benefit

Business benefit 1 A compliant solution that is easy to maintain
Business benefit 2 Safe working conditions for employees all year round
Business benefit 3 Cost savings that can be reinvested into new product development


We used EcoCooling because the area required cooling and the system used had to be mounted outside the area due to the hazardous chemicals used in the area and the potentially explosive environment, so recirculating the internal air over a chiller battery was not an option. EcoCooling proved the best engineered solution and also happens to have the lowest running costs when compared to any other cooling solution.”

Jim Jackson
Managing Director, Celsius Design Ltd.

Download your copy of the CARBOGEN AMCIS AG case study here.