Evaporative Cooling in the BrasserieEvaporative Cooling in the BrasserieMoll Brasserie in the Belgian town of Mol was looking for a ventilation and cooling system for the
main bar area. As with many bars and restaurants, it was preferable for the main doors to be left open during periods of hot weather.

A side discharge EcoCooler was installed on the flat roof. The cooled air is ducted through a sound attenuator, or silencer, into two branches, each supplying a low profile semi-circular fabric duct. The air is then discharged through the open front door.

The EcoCooling system fulfilled the requirement for cool fresh air to be supplied in a quiet, draught-free manner whilst still retaining an open door Brasserie which is more welcoming for customers.

The performance of an evaporative cooler is dependent upon the ambient weather conditions. The hotter the air and the lower the relative humidity the greater the cooling effect. The charts show the performance of evaporative cooling in Brussels, Belgium and analyse the actual performance of an EcoCooler in this climate.

evaporative coooling in the Brasserie

The weather in Belgium, which is similar to other temperate climates, follows a pattern of hot periods of the day coinciding with low relative humidity. This means the greatest cooling effect occurs at the hottest times of the day. When the air is cool the EcoCooler operates in ‘Vent’ mode and acts as a pure ventilator. During hotter periods ‘Cool’ mode is used which, in Belgium, can provide up to 9°C of cooling.

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evaporative cooling in the Brasserie

An evaporative cooler in this climate can consistently provide comfortable temperatures. It can be seen from above that there were 42 days in 2005 where the ambient temperature exceeded 23°C with a maximum of 32°C. The cooled air from an EcoCooler would never have exceeded 23°C during this period.