Greggs effcient production cooling - bakery case studyWhen Greggs the Bakery in South Wales needed to keep their production areas cool where they bake for the whole of Mid and South Wales and the West Country, their Chief Engineer, John Oliver, contacted one of EcoCooling’s installers to look at possibilities for cost-effective and efficient production cooling

Overheating Problem

The production areas contain many heat emitting machines, Ovens, Fryers, Shrink Wrap Tunnels, Industrial Mixers etc. These combine to produce a very warm internal environment summertime temperatures regularly exceeding 35°C.

Efficient Production Cooling Solution

After surveying, the installers noted the area already contained a general ventilation system, extracting warm air at a high level and introducing filtered fresh air through ducted roof inflow units. However, in the height of summer, these proved ineffective against the warm external temperatures and plant heat which resulted in rising temperatures in the facility. The likely internal heat load was calculated and a suitable evaporative cooling and ventilation system was designed as additional cooling was required.

To provide the required additional cooling, a system ECP external EcoCooling units were installed, these were mounted on the roof and ducted into the area to discharge over personnel around the area.

Evaporative coolers reduce the incoming temperature during the warmer months by as much as 10°C, they also filter the incoming air thus maintaining the high hygiene standards throughout the area. See our how evaporative cooling works page for more information on the cooling technology.

Evaporative cooling is the most cost effective way of cooling industrial premises and also the most environmentally friendly as each unit only uses 1.5kW of electrical power, a standard water supply, and no refrigerant gasses.  See the cost and energy savings section on the website fro more information about savings.