Drive System Design (DSD) is an award-winning engineering consultancy specialising in the design, development and control of transmission systems and future electrified powertrains.

DSD is recognised as the world leading expert in driveline refinement, efficiency improvement and hybrid and electric vehicle transmissions, with technical centres across Europe and North America.

The state of the art company headquarters in Leamington Spa, where the majority of testing is completed required an efficient cooling solution to reduce heat load as well as comply with company standards in energy and carbon reduction.

The testing produces vast amounts of heat (and fumes in some cases) and the only realistic way of the cooling the areas is using Evaporative cooling. A former ventilation system was tested at the facility; however, this was unable to cool down the building due to some test cell producing as much as 90KW of heat in a small enclosed area.

Ventilation systems can provide comfort cooling for most of the year. During prolonged periods of high temperatures, they are unable to maintain internal temperatures below 25°C. Refrigeration based systems are effective but can be expensive to operate and require frequent maintenance. Evaporative cooling, which can produce air consistently below 22°C in the UK climate, provides an intermediate solution which consumes only a fraction of the electricity.

For this particular installation, 10 EcoCooling, EcoCooler units were installed to help with heat reduction. The units are able to supply direct fresh air into the building, significantly reducing heat as well as operational cooling costs. The natural fresh air brought in by the EcoCooler is also helping reduce carbon emissions by reducing the carbon footprint of the company by up to 90%.

The EcoCooling system provides up to 350KW of cooling while only drawing on 21KW of power. The significant reduction in energy consumption leads to greater saving for Drive System Design while still producing an effective and efficient cooling for the building (constantly below 22C).

All work for installation of the units was carried out during normal working hours, all testing procedures were able to continue during installation, meaning no loss of work times for the company.


At EcoCooling it’s our mission to save the UK 1% of its total power bill