The Fabria Centre in Angouleme provides a community-based work centre for the disabled. One main activity is the assembly of electrical components in a conventional industrial building. The original building was designed with limited ventilation and no cooling.

The Cooling Solution

An environmentally friendly, energy efficient solution was required for cooling the building, the sensitive environment also called for a low noise solution. A single EcoCooler was roof mounted and the sound level was then reduced but installing a sound attenuator.

As the air leaves the fan it passes over a series of sound absorbing plates which reduce the overall sound level.

An eight-way plenum chamber discharges the air into the retail space. The grills can be set to provide a direct flow of air into the area or draft free displacement ventilation.

The Product

External EcoCooler – with a maximum flow rate of 14,000m3/hr EcoCoolers contain an inbuilt fan and evaporative cooling pads.  The product is designed to be externally mounted and should be used as part of a mechanical ventilation system paired with an extract fan.  The standard configuration is downflow, where the air is supplied from the base of the cooler into the area that requires cooling, however, other configurations can be sorted to fit the required specifications.

The Result

The EcoCooler was successfully installed which also included a noise reduction solution. The performance data displayed that the air temperature as a result of the EcoCooler rarely exceeded 22C and never exceeded 26C.