A new message has come into play as the lockdown restrictions are starting to be eased, “hands, face, space, fresh air” now, we should all know the importance of fresh air, but have you considered the amount of fresh air you are bringing into your workplace?

Our EcoCoolers will increase the amount of outside fresh air in your building and the rate of air changes per hour to dilute any airborne viral load whilst extracting the inside air back out the building.

Where possible it is recommended that openable windows are actively used to boost air exchange, EcoCoolers work just as well with the windows open as they do with them shut so there is no reason why you couldn’t have windows and doors open whilst running the system.

EcoCoolers are installed as part of a balanced mechanical ventilation system, specifically designed for the size and use of the building so that there is an adequate number of air changes per hour, so additional ventilation should not be required.

Fresh air levels can be controlled via its automatic and manual modes. For example, the system can run in manual mode for 15-minute bursts to purge the room, or in automatic mode, the supply temperature set point can be reduced to boost the quantity of fresh air.

The change is being accompanied by messaging stressing the importance of ventilation, and a huge information drive to make clear that the crisis has not yet passed.

EcoCooling is proud to have a fresh air system that can help businesses manage the risk.

For the most up to date guidelines, visit the CIBSE COVID-19 guidance webpage.