Capital Expenditure

It might seem counterintuitive to commit to capital expenditure when your business is closed and under a cloud of uncertainty. However, there are some reasons why it might be the ideal time to complete these projects.

Less Disruption

Having to temporarily close your warehouse, sports centre, or store due to restrictions presents the ideal opportunity for carrying out works that could be disruptive during usual operation.
Making the most of having an empty workplace, means that when you are back to business as usual you won’t have to worry about how you’ll carry out works without causing disruption.

Improvements for the return of employees and customers

There is no doubt it has been and continues to be an anxious time, with businesses needing to take extra precautions to ensure employee and customer safety.

Making improvements to your buildings for when employees and customers return can help ease concern and improve the internal environment. An example of this is upgrading your building’s ventilation; whether you are responsible for a leisure facility, out of town retail store or warehouse, this change can improve safety by diluting viruses and bacteria in the air.

Updating a building’s HVAC system fits with government advise around ventilation in the management of Covid-19, and would, therefore, ease apprehension as and when employees and customers return.

Seize the opportunity

It is these reasons why you shouldn’t completely disregard this time for capital expenditure. For some businesses, it might be the ideal time to invest, especially when it comes to upgrades that can improve the safety of your building for customers and colleagues.

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