DSC Award Finalist

EcoCooling is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted for the Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year award as part of the DCS Awards 2020.

The award is for ‘products that are designed to deliver efficient and cost-effective data centre and or infrastructure cooling solutions to end users and/or data centre operators.’

As a finalist in this popular category, EcoCooling has demonstrated its ability to be truly innovative. The team has designed and implemented a new way of cooling IT equipment that is not only effective but more efficient, providing a real difference in the running of a test facility.

Why EcoCooling?

The EcoCooling entry is for the company’s innovative design for an intelligent and holistic approach to cooling IT equipment. Trialled as part of the H2020 Boden Type DC Project (BTDC), which aims to build the world’s most efficient data centre, the cooling systems are controlled by an algorithm that also manages IT workloads, server fan speed and temperature.

Using this holistic approach, EcoCooling has enabled the cooling equipment to respond instantly to the variation of server workload, which has optimised power use. Not only is this an exciting breakthrough from a technology perspective, but it’s also an innovative approach that has helped to maximise efficiency at the BDTC.

Casting your vote

You can read our entry in full and cast your vote up until 20th November 2020 by clicking here.