When lockdown started in March, the team here at EcoCooling knew we had to find an alternative to site visits to ensure we continued support for customers across the UK and beyond. It was imperative that the solution would allow us to complete tasks that would be usually performed onsite by our technical team.

Our team have previously experimented with various screen sharing tools; however, they were not comparable to having a physical presence on site. It was, therefore, crucial to find a solution where we could liaise with and direct clients in a productive and effective way.  After looking at the more developed options, the team opted for TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution, TeamViewer Pilot.

Using the software

Since implementing the software, EcoCooling has seamlessly supported clients from a range of applications with installations, maintenance and R&D both here in the UK and across Europe. What’s more, here in the UK, the use of this solution has enabled EcoCooling to commission a new coolerat CGI, animation and VFX specialists, Realtime UK.

As the installation had begun before lockdown, commissioning would have had to be delayed due to lockdown restrictions. However, the software meant the cooling system was up and running before the summer so Realtime could utilise the additional equipment and bolster their services during a time when the use of digital services was booming.

The platform allows our clients to share their view via a phone camera so that our technicians can see what they are looking at and direct them to the specific part of the cooler or control system that requires updating or checking.

What’s really useful is the team’s ability to place 3D markers onto real-world objects so it’s clear what needs to be done. This is particularly useful as it is easier to visually show someone what to do, as technical advice over the phone can become a confusing and lengthy process, which is potentially frustrating for both parties. The team has also found it useful in situations where there would ordinarily be a language barrier.

Additional benefits

The time saving element has been particularly eye opening for those using TeamViewer. They have found that small issues can be solved almost instantly via the solution, as a simple piece of technical advice can resolve the issue completely, mitigating the need for a site visit. Not only has this saved on travel time, but it also has saved on fuel costs and emissions.

As an eco-conscious technology organisation, we are always looking at ways we can decrease our carbon footprint and reducing the need for travel is a significant factor. Our clients value sustainability and reducing the use of fuel feeds into green objectives, which is a win for everyone.

For EcoCooling clients, it has meant that throughout lockdown the level of service hasn’t been affected. It has also, in most cases, sped up the response time and most importantly shortened the time taken to resolve the issue.  

As lockdown lifts, this will be a tool that the commissioning team continue to use, however it is not a substitute for vital sites visits. Instead, it will be a tool used to bolster our technical support and enable us to eliminate unnecessary site visits and therefore speed up our responsiveness.

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