OCP Summit

Research and Development Dissemination Presentation Now online

See for yourself the presentation by Dr Jon Summers, research lead at RISE Sweden. A demo is used to showcase world-class efficiency using holistic control of OCP servers and EcoCooling fresh air cooling systems.

The increased effectiveness of the cooling system and servers is a result of holistic control algorithm.  The presentation explains the logic behind holistic control and demonstrates the impact it has on PUE and energy usage.

Beginning with a summary of the BTDC project and the cooling of OCP servers within the facility, the presentation then looks at the testbed facility at the RISE research institute in Luleå. Informed by the findings at BTDC, the facility in Luleå was setup to redeploy the holistic cooling control developed in the BTDC project. Talking through the testbed facility, Jon Summers explains the setup and configuration of the dedicated OCP module.

The testbed facility is then put through a ten-minute test regime, which shows how the cooling system responds to the workload. Throughout the demo, you’ll see how the synchronised cooling responds to the changing demands of the IT and the effect this has on the efficiency of the facility. Using the testbed facility for the demo is significant as it shows that the findings in BTDC can be successfully deployed to other facilities.

After demonstrating the effectiveness of holistic control and explaining the importance of this for the future of efficient data centres, Jon Summers seeks the support of the OCP community to enable the findings of the BTDC to be brought to the market.

Watch the full presentation below.

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