OCP Virtual Summit

We have fantastic news, the OCP San Jose Global Summit has been rescheduled for this week and it comes with two big changes… it’s virtual and it’s free!

The three-day virtual summit is jam-packed with brilliant content to get excited about. Looking at the schedule, there are a couple of things we know you definitely won’t want to miss. These are the presentations on the latest findings from the Boden Type One DC (BTDC) H2020 funded research project, presented by Professor Jon Summer of RISE.

EcoCooling and RISE have been working on holistic cooling control for the BTDC project in Sweden. Using OCP servers and the EcoCooling CloudCooler range of coolers and controls the teams are running the facility with a PUE of 1.01. The holistic management of fans have produced some unprecedented results and could provide an effective fresh air cooling model for OCP based data centres all over the world.

The Presentations

If you would like to learn more about the holistic cooling control used to achieve world-class efficiency demonstrated in the DCD award-winning project, BTDC, tune into two of the summit’s presentations on 13th May.

The first presents the technical research on holistic cooling and smart city loading from the OCP POD of the BTDC and the second will be running live simulations of holistic control functions.

Profiling OCP Servers for Holistic Air Cooling held at 19:30-20:00 CET: https://sched.co/bXV7

BTDC: A Practical Demonstration of World Class Efficiency at 20:00-20:30 CET: https://sched.co/bXVA

Register Today

Register now for free at: https://lnkd.in/dm22pzT

Find out more about the Boden Project here: https://bodentypedc.eu/

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